Ilana Orelowitz

Dr. Ilana Orelowitz

Dr. Ilana Orelowitz, Dr. Amie Adams and Dr. Katie Simonovich are available for weekday, evening, and Saturday appointments. We welcome all ages from children to senior citizens. What you can expect:
  • A review of family history and medications taken
  • A vision test to assess visual acuity, muscle coordination, and general eye health
  • If vision correction is required, the doctors will determine the proper prescription to give to you your best possible vision via eyeglasses and/or contact lens.
  • Consultation on eye symptoms such as dry eye and computer strain or eye disorders such as diabetic eye care, glaucoma, astigmatism, or cataracts, just to name a few.
Whatever your eye care needs, Dr. Orelowitz and staff will support you in maintaining good eye health and vision. Book an appointment online today or call 508-359-9969 (Medfield) or 508-533-8590 (Medway).